Survey responses

This was the verdict, exactly the way it was written. I have used first names to conceal the identity of the respondents.

Andrew .M. – Justice where human rights areLTD

Gebeyaw .A. – Justice

Charles .I. – It is JUSTICE if it does not happen to you; in other words do not cheat on a woman who has a partner, i.e. either married or just a girlfriend to any body let it be a local poor man, always look for one who has no strings attached.

Clare .S. K. – Injustice. There has never been room for mob justice in the world. It was actually mob injustice especially on such a private matter. I Condemn this barbaric act.

Robert .K. – That was injustice.


Kiza .S. – Injustice

Walter .S. – This story is not new to me and the rest of us here. This might not be a true story. However, in the whole episode there is no Justice. It is not Humane at all. Justice was not delivered and this act alone promotes the Cheating as the two can not be separated after this humiliation. The Husband has not achieved and gained at all. There was after all no love any more between the wife and the Husband.

Chamberhai – Total Injustice

Charles .H. – INJUSTICE

Maitshoko .M. – This world is coming to an end I tell you. How can people treat others like this?

Boateng .N. – This is disgusting. Total injustice at the highest order. It’s humiliating and abuse of victims’ human rights. By the way what right have those ‘holier than thou’ crooks have to parade people alleged to have committed adultery naked in the streets? I expect the good people of Kenya to condemn this barbaric act in no uncertain terms. And the government should take a stand against those perpetrators. They may have committed worse offences just that they have not been caught yet. It’s a shame to humanity that some people can dehumanise their fellow human beings like this in the 21st century! I think some people in Kenya can go extremes in the way they do things. I used to have a lot of respect for the people of Kenya!! But as for this one it’s just below the belt. I rest my case. But I expect the victims to sue those criminals who have brought shame upon them.

Bezant .M. – Injustice

Alfred Geresom .M. – Injustice

Specioza .M. – injustice


Sam N – Injustice

Jackson .A. – Injustice

Helen .O. – Simply “incomprehensible”!!!  Just to show you the barbaric nature of Man! Who are we to judge them?? We have to deal with the faults of others as gently as with our own . . . for those who cannot forgive others break the bridge over which they themselves must pass!!

Affaf .A. – This is really terrible! I think you should bring the case immediately to the attention of the SR on torture. You can send this message to the desk officer and ask him/her to take action.

Susan .N. – Injustice of the highest degree. Actually its abuse of human rights. who is a saint in this world, people need to learn to forgive. Remember the story of Jesus and the woman who was caught in adultery. Among the crowd that enforced mob Justice on them I doubt if any one had never been involved in such a thing. We are all sinners we only have to plead for God’s mercy and forgiveness instead of punishing each other.

Sam – Let us see:

1. A Bishop!

2. A relative’s wife

3. In a rural African area

4. In a country that has no law against such acts, but with citizens that have very strong cultural values against those acts.

From the African point of view, it would be called Justice. This is a hard call, Anthony, because of the African in me, but I hate to say this is just simply too much, therefore, personally, I say NOT-Justice, may be the WEST has corrupted my mind.

Olive .B. B. – Injustice

Ian .O. – All that this represents is the emotional hysterical behaviour of a crowd, common to all societies. The same phenomenon that manifests in at a football match, rally, riot, war or genocide.


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