Police Baltimore

How A White Boss Threw Every One Under The Bus

After reviewing more information, it becomes clear that the arresting officers LT BRIAN RICE, 41;EDWARD NERO, 29; and GARRETT MILLER,gray injured 26; all white, knew that they had injured Mr. Gray very badly and were likely to get into very hot soup if Mr. Gray either died or got crippled.


Lt. Rice

LT BRIAN RICE, the boss on duty came up with a plan quickly because he very well knew just like the other two white officers who arrested Mr. Gray, that the tensions of White Officers killing African American men had already reaching a boiling point across the nation, so they had to get the monkeyofftheirbacks by throwing a monkey wrench into the racism aspect of it.

LT BRIAN RICE‘s plan: Get the monkey off their backs and risk putting it on an African American officer’s if things were to backfire; as simple as that.

Caesar R. Goodson Jr.

Caesar R. Goodson Jr.

OFFICER CAESAR GOODSON, an African American police van driver, would be perfect to get the ball rolling, all that was needed was to make sure he held the bad long enough for Mr. Gray to own it himself.

LT BRIAN RICE, the boss, made sure that he would be in charge of the time line, but out of the picture after the 1st. stop.

Lt. Rice, must have used this trick many times before that he didn’t need to say much, this could even be done by silent code and a mere gesture would carry the message intended.

Ideal conditions:

 At the first Stop, officers Miller and Nero and Lieutenant Rice removed Mr. Gray from the van and placed him in leg restraints and after that loaded Mr. Gray head first onto the floor of the van! Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr., was less that a half a mile away from the police station and could have taken him less than two minutes to reach there, but since  Lieutenant Rice is the boss, he had to go with his time line.

Officer Goodson Jr. smells a rat:

This roughing up someone already injured kept bothering him so much that he had to make a second stop (North Fremont Ave and Mosher Street) to check on Mr, Gray’s condition. What he say terrified him so much that he radioed officer Porter, a fellow black brother, to come and have a look.

At the 3rd stop, officer Porter meets Goodson Jr. at Druid Hill Ave, and Dolphin St., what they saw was so frightening and shocking that they decided to get Mr. Gray off the van floor and lay him on the seat. In other words, challenging Lt. Rice’s decision, their boss, of dumping Mr. Gray on to the van floor (a few hushed words about their boss must have been exchanged between the two that have something in common).

But then, why didn’t they secure him with seat belts? That I will explain later.

Lieutenant Rice must have known what was transpiring all along and was part of it:

At the 4th stop, Goodson Jr., picks up another arrested young man by the same two white officers that arrested Mr. Gray, officers Miller and Naro. No questions asked about Mr. Gray still being in the van.

Or could it be that they were in the plan that Goodson Jr, was to drive Mr. Gray around until they arrested another young African American young man who had a criminal record and put him in the same van that Gray was in. Then they would trick and intimidate him into becoming their jailhouse informant so that he collaborates their lie that Mr. Gray caused his injuries by hitting his body against the walls of the van? After all, they do it all the time by bribing or intimidating an inmate to testify against an innocent prisoner to get a conviction.

Closing the Deal:

Donta Allen, a young African man with a criminal record was a perfect match they were looking for all along. He was going to collaborate their story they has cooked up, that Mr. Gray had intentionally injured himself by hitting body against the van walls.

After all, he had heard some kind of banging inside the van, so he could clear his guilty conscious and go along with officer Goodson Jr.’s version of the story, that – “Mr. Gray injured himself by banging his body against the walls of the van.” Besides, it would help his situation siding with the corps instead of going against them.

 So the police tells their story and it is in the headlines  – Prisoner in van heard “banging against walls.”

The Plan backfires very badly:

The African American young man, Allen, refuses to be intimidated and side with the police office Goodson Jr.’s story. In fact he makes it worse by going to the media and talking about how the police van was so Paddy that there is no way Mr. Gray could have been able to injure himself that bad.

Allen speaks out: ‘Freddie Gray ‘did not hurt himself’ insists fellow passenger in police van.

Police Van Passenger Denies Freddie Gray Hurt Himself

Donta Allen denies saying Gray was trying to injure himself

Expert says spinal cord injury probably caused before Gray entered van

The question of Not Using Seat Belts at any time by any officer:

You see, they knew that if Mr. Gray had been secured with seat beats, then their story that Mr. Gray injured himself by banging his body against the walls of the van could not be believable. Hence the reason why no one dared to tamper with the most important key to the plan and that is freedom to have ability to injure himself.

Goodson Jr., like a Good Son blindly obeying his crooked father and trying to cover for him, he went along with his boss’ evil plan, that Mr. Gray injured himself inside the paddy van. Now Jr.’s charges could land him in prison for 30 yrs, and his boss, Lt. Rice, for 10 years, as well as all the other officers involved in this malicious cover up crime.

Gray Injured During Arrest.


State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.


6 Police Officers Charged

Marilyn Mosby must be the only person who could not see from the video, picture or hear from many witnesses including Mr. Harlod Perry asserting that Gray was injured during the arrest before he was put into the police van.

Instead of stating that Mr. Gray’s spinal cord was injured during the initial encounter and worsened because of the rough ride during the transfer in the police van leading to respiratory failure and subsequent cardiac arrest, she files a second-degree murder charge against the van’s driver under a legal principle known as “depraved heart.”

Caesar R. Goodson Jr.

Caesar R. Goodson Jr.

The police van driver, Mr. Caesar Goodson, who is an African America, a man who came after the arrest was made is the one who gets the most serious charge instead of the police that injured him during arrest and denied him treatment.

To successfully get a conviction Mosby will have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Mr. Goodson drove in such a reckless manner that he knew or should have known could kill Mr. Gray. However, after gathering more information, it looks like Goodson Jr. is in hot soup since he kept Mr. Gray for so long without calling for medical assistance yet knowing or should have known that his condition was deteriorating.

Gray was CLEARLY injured before he was placed in the back of the police van:


In agonizing pain, wet pants and legs limp

Witness Harold Perry, 74, says he heard Mr. Gray crying out in pain telling the officer” get your knee off my neck you are hurting me”. Is it then by coincidence that Mr. Gray’s spinal cord was severed 80% around the neck and had a crushed voice box? In addition he yelled ‘I cannot breathe’, another symptom of upper spinal cord injury.

gray injured

Gray Had Lost Control Of His Legs, due Spinal Cord Injury

Another major evidence is right there in the photograph of arrest. You can see clearly that Mr. Gray had:

(a). Lost control of his bladder, which is a classic symptom of upper spinal cord injury.

(b).  Lost control of his legs, another symptom of upper spinal cord injury.

The angle and the directions of his legs and feet, one foot dragging on the ground pointing down while another is twisted facing another direction is indicative of loss of limb control and not deliberately resisting arrest.

feet direction

With Normal Spinal Cord

Pictures of demonstrators who are lifted and dragged when they deliberately refuse to stand up during arrest always show both feet pointing downwards and legs bent in a natural way when they are held like Mr. Gray is lifted by upper part of the arms and under the armpits.

 Is it possible that Freddie Gray could have been able to severe his own spinal cord and crush his own voice box even if he had wanted to?

How does a man crush his own larynx? No medical expert seems to be able to explain how a handcuffed person would accomplish it ridding in a padded van, however rocky the ride or intent of one trying to injure himself!

Freddie Gray ‘did not hurt himself’ insists fellow passenger in police van:


(CNN)The man who rode in a police van with Freddie Gray — separated only by a partition — is adamant about two things:

paddy wagon

Paddy Police Wagon

(1). “I know for a fact that he (Gray) did not hurt himself,” Donta Allen, who was a fellow prisoner in the van during a portion of the meandering path of the vehicle after Gray was taken into the custody and before medical help was summoned, told CNN’s Don Lemon in an interview. Reciting a litany of Gray’s injuries, Allen added

(2). “You cannot do that (to yourself) in the paddy wagon. You can probably hit your head and have a little headache, but you can’t hurt yourself to the point you’re going to be dead.”

Mrs. Mosby is charging the police using the same story given by the police that Gray got injured during transportation inside the police van, essentially becoming an argument between two versions of what caused Mr. Gray’s injury –

Mrs. Mosby can not get any conviction if she sticks with the police’s version of the story that Mr. Gray was only injury once inside the van, but not before. To accept this ridiculous story version given by both the Police and Mosby is to accept that either Mr. Gray’s essentially committed suicide by intentionally and deliberately crushing his own voice box, fracturing three of his own vertebrae, and severing his own spinal cord, according to the police’s story version or that the police van driver drove in a manner which was so reckless that he knew or should have known could get Mr. Gray killed, and in fact was the cause his death, according to Mosby’s version of the story, therefore deserving a second degree murder charges brought against him.

Even before the announcement of the charges it had been leaked out that Baltimore Police Van Driver was Being Thrown Under The Bus.

Once the initial spinal cord injury scene is shifted from “Outside the Van” with all the witnesses, pictures and video recordings to “Inside the Van” where there is no evidence of rough riding then the case will be hard to prove by Mosby and could be lost due to her incompetence and inexperience or just being another sell out after personal political gains speaking from both sides of the mouth tying to appear neutral.


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