Is homosexuality natural?

Let us understand homosexuals

My parents were Catholics. I am a Catholic. I was educated in Catholic schools. This made me a conservative Catholic.

I have followed Uganda’s homosexuality debate. Let’s first distinguish between homosexuality and sodomy, often wrongly used interchangeably.

Homosexuality is a sexual orientation where individuals of the same sex are attracted to and have relationships with one another. Sodomy is having anal sex. Obviously lesbians don’t engage in sodomy. Consequently, some homosexuality involves sodomy, but not all sodomy is homosexuality.

Sodomy mostly happens under situations involving sexual ‘starvation’ of the male human species. It is common practise in boarding schools, military barracks, prisons, and by some priests.

In some cases, sodomy is a result of drugs induced curiosity. In other cases, it is influenced by moments of ‘madness’ triggered by the desire to experiment on new adventurous experiences. This results in acts that deviate from society’s notion of normal behaviour.

The increasing popularity of non-traditional sexual approaches including oral, chaining, whipping and sodomy within traditional husband and wife relationships in the Western World is an example of this. Recent innovations include texting and internet sex. These approaches might become ‘normal’ behaviour several years down the road.

Civil liberties laws in the Western World have enabled homosexuals to increasing come out and declare their sexual orientations. This makes many people in developing countries to conclude that homosexuality and sodomy are Western influences.

I share an alternative view. Yes, homosexuals in developing countries are influenced by the West, but only by drawing on the West’s civil liberties to break through their shells and declare who they are. However, I believe that the homosexuality syndrome itself is local.

When I was in primary school, there was a unique man in my Sub-county. He dressed in a gomasi and did ‘womanly’ things, including sitting alongside women at functions. Strangely enough, taboo as it was in the Bugisu culture he wasn’t rebuked. Instead, people derived amusement from his behaviour and claimed his motive was to evade poll tax.

Nicknamed ‘Shikhasi’ (womanish), this indigenous villager had no Western exposure whatsoever. Therefore, Western influence played no role on his behaviour.

Homosexual relationships involve feminine and masculine roles. Could Shikhasi have detected a ‘feminine’ element in himself, but knowing the potential cultural repercussions, or having not identified a masculine partner sought refuge in a disguised woman?

I have seen gays, and I now can with reasonable confidence, identify a ‘feminine’ type. However, I still have no clue of who the masculine ones are, just as I am unable to identify lesbians. Feminine gays exhibit unique appearance, dressing and walking characteristics. Are these features acquired or genetic?

Many of you have looked on with amusement when he-goats attempt to mount each other. Should we dismiss this as an animal act, or could these fellow mammals’ habits partly enlighten humankind on issues surrounding homosexuality?

My Catholic Church has been besieged by abuse scandals, because some of its priests engage in the homosexuality and sodomy practices the Church vigorously campaigns against. InUganda, trends of sodomous clergy in certain prominent schools under Catholic management are a ‘public secret’.

Some priests simply succumb to nature. They are normal people with sexual desires. Rather than pursue women, they play it safe and opt for men who they cannot impregnate. But to avoid exposure, they take advantage of vulnerable young men. Some actually take the risk and sleep with women, including ‘loyal’ members of their congregations. However, do some priests realise their sexual inclinations at a young age, but knowing the potential repercussions from society, seek refuge in the church?

Now, consider the so called ‘whiter than white’ evangelists. Digest for yourself their scandals at: Could the scandalous evangelists be pure hypocrites who are aware of their sexual inclinations, but are clever enough to use the religious stage to make themselves beyond suspicion?

My reasoning is that if homosexuality was a natural phenomenon, then nature would have made provisions for it. The human anal passage leads directly to the rectum and into the large intestines. Unlike the human vagina or the anal passage for birds, there is no other channel in between. Therefore, the human anus was designed for only releasing excrement. But, I could be wrong!

The unanswered question is whether homosexuality is genetic or it is just a bad acquired habit. That is why we require extensive research in this area. However, such research can only be undertaken with the co-operation of homosexuals themselves. They have the answers we seek. But, we can’t expect them to co-operate if we persecute them.

Bahati’s Homosexuality Bill, supported by Buturo engenders this persecution. Unsurprisingly, it caused worldwide outrage. The bill is partly meant to protect minors. Defilement is when an adult engages in a sexual act with a minor.Ugandaalready has this law. Why were scarce resources wasted on another bill?

Buturo has expressed concerns about the country’s besiegement by homosexuality, pornography, prostitution, human sacrifice, drug abuse, embezzlement and witchcraft.’

To me, the two most threatening issues from Buturo’s list are human sacrifice and embezzlement, not homosexuality.

Ugandahas more serious battles to fight including HIV/AIDS, malaria, health care, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, food sustainability and Kony. These are the battles that should stimulate interest from the likes of Baraka Obama. Unfortunately, the Bahatis and Buturos are pulling the Obomas onto the wrong wagon.

If a pair of homosexuals visited me, would I let them share a bed in my house? No. Would I throw them out? No. What would I do? I would sit them down and ask lots of questions. There is a lot I want to understand about them.

Giving homosexuals the benefit of doubt, talking to them and asking non-sarcastic objective questions is the best way forward. Prepare yourselves by extracting information now from those you know are already in this category. Sooner or later, that homosexual will be someone you are passionate about – a son, a daughter, a close relative or friend.


5 responses to “Is homosexuality natural?

  1. Maddy Leanne

    August 19, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    The religion that I follow forbids homosexuality and sodomy. I was sexually abused as a child which made me question my sexuality which in turn got me bullied. So now I just push down any feelings I have for either gender and when people ask I identify as asexual.

  2. Melissa Merriweather

    May 31, 2014 at 5:59 am

    Being mammals, we are meant to breed. We are supposed to be attracted to the opposite sex so we can keep the species going, so homosexuality is technically ‘unnatural ‘,…..but so is my hair color. I don’t think there is only one way a person becomes who they are, or who they are attracted to. In my opinion I think homosexuals are born that way. I’m sure there are cases where environment plays a role, but I think that’s rare. My friend was molested as a child, and she believes that’s why she attracted to women. Then there are my 4 aunts. Raised in the same household ,but 2 of my aunts are gay. In short, I think nature plays a larger part then nurture. As for the masculine and feminine roles……that applies to everyone. I’m a heterosexual female who spends hours doing my hair and makeup. I paint my nails weekly, wear dresses, overall a feminine person. However,.in my relationship, I am the masculine figure….and my boyfriend( who is very manly 😉 ) is the feminine. Meaning every couple, every friendship, club, or group for that matter, has to have a masculine and feminine role that had nothing to do with gender. Meaning as the masculine
    one, i am assertive, rational, I take lead. While my boyfriend is nurturing, perceptive, and sympathetic. A good match, a natural match. On a side note……why do we need to understand? I like strong arms, and ‘Johnny ‘ likes big…..well you know. It’s irrelevant in this age. Why am I attracted to awkward men….why are some attracted to amputees or the obese, and so on. It’s pointless to analyze homosexuality, there isn’t a definitive answer, and we don’t need one. It could be nature, it could be nurture ….or perhaps it just “IS” .

    • bedsidereadings

      May 31, 2014 at 4:35 pm


      Thanks for your contribution.

      Melissa, just out of curiosity – It is obvious to know who is ‘woman/man’ during heterosexual relationship sex because of what physically happens. Might you know how woman/man roles (I.e who ‘opens’ and who ‘inserts’) are determined during a gay relationship sex?

      I invite other guests to comment on Melissa’s views.


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