Economy: Kenya vs. Uganda

 Economy: Kenya vs. Uganda

Kenya beats Uganda’s economy in every sector, so when I read Mr. Joachim Buwembo’s article on “How Nairobi and Kenyatta became Ugandan hospitals,” I thought that he had some point.

But then again, Uganda outspends Kenya on military, while Uganda’s population is 10 million  less than that of Kenya. Also, Uganda government doesn’t believe that having just a little bit larger size of police force than Kenya’s is a good idea, hence the plan to increase its current size by 62%.

In other words, instead of Kenya complaining about cash advances to their two hospitals which Ugandan VIPs and their families consider as Uganda’s referral hospitals, they should understand that Uganda’s Might and Power is good for their security too, especially with such a strong economy of theirs and assets to protect – in case; among which are those referral hospitals in Nairobi that are vital to the health of many Ugandan VIPs.

‘As I address the Pan African Parliament, I remember two portions from the Christian Scriptures. The first quotation prays that we should not be led into temptation. Africa should also not tempt the greedy ones by being weak. The second portion talks about the kingdom of heaven in paradise where the wolf will peacefully coexist with the lamb.  Unfortunately, we are still here on Earth, we are not yet in paradise. wolves still eat lambs here. Be strong, “You were weak and got colonized.”‘  – some leader warned.

Who knows, I’ve heard that history has a tendency to repeat itself!Uganda


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