Definition of a Failed State

Definition of a Failed State:

One of the indicators of a failed state according to Fund for Peace, is a state having among other characteristics, the following:

There is no better way of demonstrating such a failure than a nation failing to treat a baby from birth to the age of seven years, just because her tax paying parents are too poor to pay for the cost of surgical treatment.

cancerous eyeThis poor girl explains her ordeal of pain and suffering that make one’s stomach turn. Her cancerous tumor swells and oozes blood and pus as she constantly tries to keep flies away while some mean pupils at school laugh at her and call her names. This must be both psychologically and physically a real living hell. No human being should ever have to go through that in a Country that claims to be The Pearl of Africa.

A Sack of $ The story of her condition was on the front page of major national news papers across the country, yet not even the Uganda’s richest pastors who own private jets, nor leaders who give for publicity cared to come forward to help with paying for her treatment!

Liv'n large

Not a Church; Just a Single Family Home

They find urgency in acquiring private jets, but none in financially helping the needy such as Little Gloria. The lowest they are willing to stoop is flying first class, when majority of their congregations will never even afford flying economy class in their entire life time. (Jesus could have easily chosen to travel first class on a horse to Jerusalem but decided to go third class on a donkey for a good reason).

The bible is not silent about such people. Jesus said: Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven“.  “Woe to you ” ‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’

Litttle Gloria with her dad met the Ruparelias and Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga in Kampala. (Photo credit: Abou Kisige)

Litttle Gloria with her dad met the Ruparelias and Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga in Kampala. (Photo credit: Abou Kisige)

As Billionaire Pastors and leaders of the nation are busy indulging in their earthly excesses, (we shall know them by their fruits), it had to take an Indian, and who is not a christian, priest or rabbi for that matter, to hear Little Gloria’s and Alice’s cries. Very many thanks to both Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia his wife Jyotsna for being a neighbor to Little Gloria and Alice in the biblical sense of the word.

Uganda spent hundreds of millions of dollars on Sukhoi SU-30 combat aircraft but little on the precision weapons to go with them. Some leaders have been tempted to buy expensive arms to gain prestige. But when poor children need medical help, they turn their heads and look the other way.

The status of a country’s health sector is undoubtedly one of the core yardsticks upon which its overall growth and development is judged.

Ugandan leaders by now know how expensive treatment in Nairobi is, so they should not kill the two hospitals by starving them of advance funding the way they killed Kampala’s former referral hospital of MulagoBy Joachim Buwembo Posted  Saturday, August 23  2014 

The Politics of Elite Corruption in Africa: Uganda


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