False Prophets

 The Menace Of False Prophets And Pastors In Africa

Dear Reader,

They rob and steal from the people. They speak lies and utter vain prophecies and visions, leading people astray. They draw people to themselves, claiming to have a special relationship with God, but they lie and deceive the people.They claim to know everything about you but they lie, and know nothing! They sleep with married women and break the hearts of single women. They destroy homes and families. They destroy marriages, businesses and destinies. They are mere diviners and sorcerers and are no prophets of God at all. – By Brother Amartey

Brother Amartey, thank you so much for that article.

Such con artists should face justice since they mislead and extort the poor and the sick. Their acts cost not only financially but lives too. They even claim raising the dead! TB Joshua ‘sends 4,000 bottles of holy water to Sierra Leone as Ebola cure.

They can’t fore see tragic deaths of their congregation in their own compound,but claim to fore see tragedy thousands of miles away, many months ahead! They take advantage of tragedies and their deceit and manipulation never stops.The same man is silent about these. To out do JB Joshua – Grass-eating pastor now has congregation drinking petrol.

But there is a record yet to be matched: Kenyan Pastor Bans Female Congregants From Wearing Underwear in Church




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