Dear Readers.

How about a music page on this Blog/website?

As you very well know, music is part and parcel of African Culture that has survived time and ocean crossings. There got to be a Music page on the blog/website, I think. African as well as African-American music would be a great added value to this site if we shared what is part and parcel of our heritage.

African Americans have had a great influence on the Music in the Americas and beyond from the time the first Africans landed here as slaves up to the days of freedom to the present.

It so happens that African American music that has it’s origins from the mother continent and mixed with their life stories of survival, the blues were born: 

and later Soul music and the greatest moves ever, have impacted on how the present music culture is today: 


Even Banjo, which is called many names across Africa, Check out: The Banjo’s Roots, Reconsidered.

Then – Making Music: The Banjo in Baltimore and Beyond,

, as well as

Which when Incorporated became the American banjo as we now know it: 

No different from the S. African music that emerged during apartheid regime as a form of therapeutic remedy to their mental and physical pains imposed upon them by the oppressor and instead was reversed then used as a form of entertainment to deflect and divert the obvious sufferings impacted upon them day in day out.

Such approach and ability to rejoice in pain could only be seen as a victory from within and scared those without when expressed musically.

Whereas there are other developments that started in the USA such as RAP that has ended up going back to Africa, I would ask that we limit the discussion to the music that originated from Africa and was brought to foreign lands and influenced the present music as it is, especially – the Jazz, Blues etc. Not forgetting Congo influence on Cuban/Hispanic Music such as Rumba Congo Music:

Breaking down racial barriers through music and entertainment.

Michael Jackson broke down racial barriers

art.jackson.1992.afp.giBy Debra Alban

(CNN) — Michael Jackson was an international superstar, and many in the black community herald him for breaking down racial barriers in the music industry.

“Michael Jackson made culture accept a person of color way before Tiger Woods, way before Oprah Winfrey, way before Barack Obama,” said the Rev. Al Sharpton. “Michael did with music what they later did in sports and in politics and in television. And no controversy will erase the historic impact.”


Anita Baker Biography

Anita Baker Giving u d best i’ve got (ON SCREEN LYRICS)


Soul Legend Bobby Womack Dead at 70

JOE COCKER -With A Little Help From My Friends- 1969 Woodstock..


Joe Tex – Ain’t Gonna Bump No More {With No Big Fat Woman}

Ghetto Kids Dancing Sitya Loss New Ugandan music 2014 DjDinTV

Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

MACAU — Freddie Roach has spent the better part of the latter three months preparing Manny Pacquiao to face Chris Algieri. But Roach also reserved a bit of that time to watch some video of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Glorious Unfolding – Steven Curtis Chapman (Official Music Video)




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