Fatuma’s Arrest

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Transcriptome profile analysis reflects rat liver and kidney damage following chronic ultra-low dose Roundup exposure

Talk of Dishonesty!

Check at 0:24

Fatuma’s Nudity Psychologically Scars The Public

Fatuma’s Arrest Had Nothing To Do With FDC

Help Asked

Police man politely requests Fatuma to free the man, but she refuses and then gets arrested

Man Asks Police to Help

Man Asks Police for Help

As much as you may hear that an FDC woman was arrested and stripped naked when Dr. Besigye’s convoy was stopped by police on their way to a campaign rally which proves police is intimidating opposition, that’s far from the the truth.

This Fatuma woman who is a National Executive Committee member and FDC secretary for environment, according to some reporting, was not arrested because she is an FDC member; she was arrested upon the request of a man who sought police’s help to free him from her bondage.

 Facts and  video evidence of her arrest are on record, starting at 0:30 sec. A man to whom Fatuma referred as her boyfriend, requested the police to intervene and rescue him physically from her after failing to free his arm from her tight grip. Until that time, the police had just watched and wondered what kind of a woman Fatuma was without intervening.

However, as you know, when a citizen that is being held against his/her will and asks for help from police to be set free, the police has a duty to respond.

When a police man responded to Fatuma’s boyfriend’s request to free him from her, she went off like a a loose cannon and kept daring the police to touch, threatening them that they would see if they touched her and refused to free the boyfriend’s arm. Of course she had to be arrested. Then, she resisted arrest.

Fatuma starts pulling bra down

Fatuma starts removing her bra

pulls her bra down by herself

Bra off accomplished

As you know, when people try to lift you off the ground by the ankles and arms and you keep trying to twist and turn and kicking like a mule, soon something will get loose pretty quick. And sooner than later, her pants found themselves headed for the heels pretty fast.

Some parts of her body were revealed to the public during the struggle as she was being taken to the police pickup. But Fatuma felt that she needed to go through with her threat the way she had planned it and to everyone’s shock (except the boyfriend who was nowhere to be seen), she stood facing the crowd and did it. Not even the police lady could succeed stopping her.

So now you have some of these opportunistic politicians trying to milk Fatuma’s arrest by linking it to police harassment of the opposition, when in fact her arrest had nothing to do with her affiliation to the party, but as a response to rescue his boyfriend from her.

End of that, but I thought that it would help to expose how these same politicians use every opportunity to cry wolf so as to get international sympathy while hiding and distorting the truth.

Then starts to pull her pants down

Time for the pants off, as police lady tries to pull them up

They forget that the people they are calling for attention would have found her guilty of all the offenses such as disobeying police orders and resisting arrest plus assaulting a police officer, remember her arrest was not because of her expression of speech, but holding a citizen against his will.

hits office who was trying to dress her

She violently swings at an officer who tries to stop her from stripping naked

Fatuma’s actions were no where close to the case of freedom of speech, so even in U.S. she would have been locked up and definitely Tased – Case in point, a case the jury found in favor of the police and had to be appealed.

In the U.S. when a police orders you and you refuse, this is what happens in most cases, if not worse: “Man Asks Why Cop Wants Him To Exit His Vehicle, Cop Tases Him In Response when he refuses to get out

Fatuma’s Nudity Psychologically Scars Police Officers

Police officers demand apology from FDC woman for undressing before them.

Fatuma’s Nudity Undermines The Opposition.

One thing Forum for Democratic Change has to change is to change the tactics of seeking international attention. Succumbing to such nudity won’t cut it. In fact it is very detrimental to their cause in trying to expose Police brutality.

The issue I’m talking about can be easily understood by looking at the following two videos in which a woman being arrested cries out that she is being undressed while in another her actions contradict that story.

Uganda-police-stipr-woman#1. Zaina Fatuma, a member of the Forum for Democratic Change’s (FDC) National Executive Committee, was stripped and manhandled while being arrested by police at Kanyaryeru in Kiruhura.

#2. VIDEO: FDC, TDA condemn police “criminal behaviour” following arrest of FDC woman activist.

Analysis of both videos indicate that both were edited, however the one in #1 is purposely edited no to shorted it, but to remove some parts intentionally to portray the police as the ones stripping Fatuma naked, such removing her bra; while in the #2 video, it is seen Fatuma removing her bra; then tries to pull her pants down and violently attacks the policewoman who tries to pull them up.

Somehow, there are now two camps on this incident. One believes the version of the story told in #1. The other admits that Fatuma stripped herself naked, but she did it in protest of police brutality just like other women who stripped naked in  protest of land grab in N. Uganda or as Hon. Wangari Maathai​’s case in fighting for environment.

For those who think that Fatuma’s stripping naked was warranted as a protest should analyze her behavior at the very beginning of the video when she is holding on to the so called boyfriend’s arm as he tries to free it in front of the policemen. (so called boyfriend, because he is no where to be seen when the girlfriend is being dragged away)

From that small part of the footage. observing the body language of Fatuma and her boyfriend as well as what they were fighting over in front of the policemen, it is reasonable to conclude that this was a staged act.

@0:30 the man tries to free his arm asking her “what is it?” and Fatuma holds on to it and replies that she wants to go with him – anywhere. @0:38 the boyfriend requests help from the policeman.

As soon as the policeman asks her to leave the man’s arm, she responds with sharp words and dares him to touch her. The police man sensing something fishy, calls out for the policewoman to handle the situation as she keeps antagonizing the policeman.

Whereas we don’t see what transpired as the policewoman responded to the policeman’s request to help freeing the boyfriend from Fatuma’s bondage. It’s fair to conclude that if her act of stripping naked was done as a protest, then she must have been protesting about her own arrest and nothing more than that.

And whereas we may not agree on whether or not excessive force was used or police handling her was too rough, I hope there is no disagreement that the police did their duty by responding to the boyfriend’s call when he appealed for police’s help to free him from Fatuma’s bondage.

Lashonn White born deaf

Lashonn White born deaf, brutalized by police.

Fatuma is lucky because with her sharp tongue, there is no way she would have survived had she been in the hands of Tacoma Washington police who don’t even care about a deaf victim that has called for help, or by these cops (warning – some graphic images).

That Tacoma deaf woman, Lashonn White, would have been glad to trade her Tacoma Police with Fatuma’s Ugandan police.

In developed countries, Fatuma would be charged with failure to obey police orders, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and indecent exposure. She would also have been taken to a mental hospital for evaluation. Some people have been committed to a mental institution for lesser emotional behavior.


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