Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Biosafety Resource Books

Introduction to molecular biology and genetic engineering

Reviews the very basic scientific concepts and principles employed in producing GMOs, and provides a brief description of current and emerging uses of biotechnology in crops, livestock and fisheries.

Ecological aspects

Provides the necessary background information on ecology and evolution needed to analyse and understand the consequences of introducing GMOs into the environment.

Risk analysis

Provides basic information on biological risks, concepts, principles, and methodologies of risk assessment, risk management and risk communication. It focuses on crop biotechnology and environmental risk assessment of GM crops since these are of immediate interest to most countries.

Test and post-release monitoring of GMOs

Addresses the use and monitoring of GMOs under containment, confinement and limited field trials, as well as the monitoring of commercially released GMOs. It also covers surveillance and emergency planning.

Legal aspects

Provides an overview of the existing legal tools and frameworks on biotechnology and biosafety, and offers a thorough description of the international instruments that regulate biosafety and their interactions.


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