Anything is possible if you work hard

At St Mary’s, an Awards Ceremony is held during the last week of the school year. It is a thank you gift for what the children have achieved during the year.

 This year’s Award Ceremony started with the musicians, playing pieces of music as an example of what they have learnt. It was first the violists followed by the tin whistle and last but not least, the Pianists. I was third to play, and I chose to play At the Animal Four and Indian Tom Toms. I made three or four errors, but nobody noticed, at least I hope they didn’t.

There was a 10 minute break, where children could have a run around and loosen themselves. During this time, I received delightful complements about my piano playing. I also got time to finish eating my plum.

We gathered back into the hall, sitting parallel to the PE wall. Scattered around the stage were different coloured medals and five trophies. I settled down, sat and prepared for Mr Blaney’s speech. First to receive the medals were the Football Team. They lost all their matches, but they still had good team spirit. Next up, was the Netball team. Our names were called up in alphabetical order. We walked up to Miss Lowlar, wore our medals and shook hands. The maximum number of medals I could get was two, one for Netball, the other for Quadkids athletics.

Other medals were handed out to the swimmers, chess children and certificates for children with 100% attendance. I was given a warm greeting by Mr Blaney when I was awarded my Quadkids medal, but the next thing I was not expecting…

Left on the stage was a table covered in blue cloth and five trophies. The trophies were made to perfection, carefully curved and very delicate. You could tell they were made for someone special. Colm Kincella, (Yr 6) was awarded one for bravery, Brandon Nemith (Yr 5) for showing good sportsmanship, and Liz Wilson (Yr 6) for a great attitude in netball. There were still two more left when Mr Blaney said “It was very hard choosing who would have this award out of all the girls. But I believe that she deserves it. She works hard to get to the standard that she is and while doing that she helps people with their weakness. So please will Ruby Bende come out for this award!” I was speechless; all I was doing was smiling. I was so glad!

As soon as I got home, I knew what I was going to do. I went and hid my trophy next to the microwave and my medals inside the kitchen tissue. As soon as Dad walked through the garage door, I would burst out talking to him about my day. I would then get my medals and trophy and show him.

However, when the time came, it didn’t go according to plan. I had to wait what seemed to be ages for him to sit down. Once I showed him my first ever trophy, I could tell he was really proud of me!

If you try hard, anything is possible.

Emanuela Ruby Bende – 11 yrs


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