Whereas there are various definitions of “Biotechnology”, there is a consensus among Scientists that Biotechnology is not new. Since time immemorial, human race has always strived to improve its quality of life by modifying living organisms (biological processes) for specific uses.

Our great grand parents developed livestock through cross breeding that were resistant to Tick-borne diseases and others such Trypanosomiasis caused by tsetse fly, crops that were resistant to different types of pests, crops with better yield, different tests etc. They knew how to make yogurt – milk, great brew using different yeasts for beer fermentation and all that is nothing but Biotechnology.

The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity defines ‘biotechnology’ as: “Any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use.” – wikipedia

Different Branches of Biotechnology:

  • Red biotechnology (Medical) – producing new drugs using stem cells to repair or grow entire organisms
  • White (or Gray) biotechnology (Industrial) – Bio-fuels such as biodiesel; Biodegradable plastics, Biodegradable waste,
  • Green biotechnology (Agriculture) – GM crops to resist pests, Animals resistant to some diseases through cross breeding or otherwise, chemicals that helps kill weeds etc.
  • Blue biotechnology (Marine) – involves using marine organisms and their derivatives to increase seafood supply and safety to marine life etc.

Benefits from Biotechnology can not be understated. I hope nobody can argue that our lives would have been better off without penicillin.

Misunderstandings about Anti-GM crops:

The biggest misunderstanding about those who oppose GM crops is that they are anti-Biotechnology, even worse is that they are anti-Science.

As noted above, GM crop Biotechnology is just a small part of Biotechnology, but when un checked by policy makers and not done in accordance to Scientific standards and guidelines, its repercussions can and will be enormous to all of us.

My Stand on GM Crops:


I stand for Science that puts human safety above personal profits and politics (listen at 7:18), GM crop biotechnology as it currently stands leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t believe it is safe because of among other reasons, the information in those links to the videos listed below.

With Mark Lynas coming out to support GM crops, there is a lot of buzz going on, but if you asked him to respond to the information and statements made by the Secretary of Agriculture (*9:59), and  Dr. Samuel Epstein (*6:54) , he wouldn’t have any credible answer.

Let me point out that I am not and don’t intend to attack individuals, it is what they stand for; everyone has a right to his/her opinions; as a wise man once stated: I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it” – Voltaire.

People who say that anyone who is against GM crops is just using propaganda and suppressing science and causing other countries to fore-go the benefits of a new technology even before its merits have been assessed – are dishonest to the say the least. Standing against conflict of interest is not propaganda or suppressing Science, that is the right thing to do and that is the way it should be. It is not just about benefits that is important, but also how you get them.

Again, being against GM crops is not being against Biotechnology or Science. It is like spreading misinformation that anyone against nuclear energy is anti-science. GM crop technology is a just a small part of Biotechnology and there are legitimate reasons backed by science why it is being opposed.

Listen to what went on behind doors and what happens to anyone who stands up for human safety (because of the length of the videos, I’ll point out which part I’m referring to):

The World According to Monsanto part 2 of 10:

 (a). Monsanto’s Salesman says “round up ready” saves time and money: (staring from 7:29 – 8:40)

(b). Genetic structure encoding (starts from 7:40 – 8:41)

 ( C). Secretary of Agriculture (1995-2000) slapped for his stand (from 8:58 – 10:40)

The World According to Monsanto part 3 of 10:

 (a).Policy based on politics not science: (starts from 01:00 to 01:31)

(b). Substantially equivalence Science denounced ( starts at 2:40 – 5:23)

(c ). The deregulation – ( *at 7:19) call me, we are in “dereg”.business ( 5:44 – 7:23)

(d). May 16 1992, Policy written by Monsanto put into place (7:25 – 8:12)

The World According to Monsanto part 4 of 10:

(a). rGBH hormone in Milk and its dangers (* 6:54), by a neutral scientist Dr. Samuel Epstein: (3:49 – 7:10)

(b). What happens to those who stand up and tell the truth against Monsato? (8:23 – 9:48)

And if you think that there are any changes to come, think again: Revolving Door and Lies.

Biotechnology – Articles

Monsanto petition tells Obama: ‘Cease FDA ties to Monsanto

Now, be the judge on who is spreading propaganda and suppressing science.


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