UG Crossroads at 50



Over 30,000 teachers across Uganda have not been paid in July. That’s according to a report by the Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU), one of EI’s national affiliate. The report also points out that some teachers have not been paid since December 2011.


MP’s Car cost – over $225,000 ( a quarter million US dollars)

PM wheels

Sterving children of Northern Uganda

 Starving Children of Northern Uganda.

Einstein was right, you can be in two places at once:-

Einstein was the first to embrace quantum physics but later rejected it on the grounds that it made everything unpredictable – “God does not play dice with the universe,” he famously stated; reports Steve Connor – Science Editor.

David Wineland and Serge Haroche who share 2012 Nobel Prize in physics – proved that “tiny objects such as electrons can be in two places at once”.

Now, a Ugandan Teacher has gone “Quantum Mechanics” by being in Two Classrooms At Once!

Ministry of Education has come up with a solution to the budget crisis called “Killing Two Birds with one stone” (Teacher gets one salary – Government gets two classes taught by one teacher at once)

Govt plans to spend sh1b (about $400,000 US) on MPs ipads – Publish Date: Nov 17, 2012

Govt plans to spend sh1b (about $400,000 US) on MPs ipads – Publish Date: Nov 17, 2012

Honorable Cabinet members of Karamoja in a traditional meeting wearing traditional attire. Just as God wanted Adam and Eve to be, before the snake


Honorable Members of the Parliament in Kampala City
Upcountry Government School – Attentive students in an open Classroom with natural heat and air conditioning both running at the same time.
Government School in Kampala City- Kitante primary school


High life in a two storied house. Who said mud doesn’t stick together in rain!
A Single Family Residence of a civil servant in accounting
The ones who invented pool table, proving Newton’s first law of motion.
Giving a new meaning to a Passenger Car and overloading.
Who said we don’t make Wedding Cakes the traditional way!


A public swimming pool in the middle of the road, open to all and anything.


KAMPALA CITY HIGHWAYS 2062but with oil lubrication – 2027

Kampala highways without public swimming pools in their midst. Uganda will join the first world in 50 years like the rich nations whose per capita is $1,000, sorry, I meant it would take the country only 15 years to get there when the oil money starts flowing in and when more infrastructure and electricity are created as he has planned.


3 responses to “UG Crossroads at 50

  1. Lillian Lewis

    October 10, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    This is the greatest website I have viewed in a long time. The information and research is similar to someone writing a book. Please understand what this Hueman put into this work. The review of the movie THE HOUSE I LIVE IN. Really on point. Do you understand what our prisoners are dealing with on a daily basis?? This movie I have experienced first hand thru several love ones. I have taken the families to visit and gone thru some trying situations in the visiting room. There is an answer to all of these stories and that is to Balance Your Brain. It will help you to understand the situations from a more hueman point of view and with more Love. Rather than think the person deserve this treatment how can you help others not to get into these situations and live a more fruitful life.
    Much Love,

    • bedsidereadings

      October 11, 2012 at 12:04 am

      Thanks Lillian. An informed citizen is a better citizen. You got it – Love is the answer. I suggest you read article “Do you recite the Lord’s prayer, if so, which version?”. The “Links” page.



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