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Dash cam video shows Pennsylvania woman accused of stealing cop car driving at 100 mph while cuffed— SEE IT

All while her hands were cuffed behind her back.

“She was going to get out of that situation at whatever the cost,” said Frank Martocci, an assistant district attorney in Beaver County.


AFSA Open Letter Opposing Human Feeding Trials Involving GM Banana

This letter is in solidarity with farmers and communities in Africa and around the world, which have resisted the genetic modification of their staple foods- from Ghana, Kenya and Zambia- to Mexico, India and the Philippines. We will not stand by idly as attempts are made to systematically genetically modify Africa’s staple foods and in the process gain a massive positive public relations coup by claiming to have conquered health problems at the unnecessary risk to Africans.

Finally, we demand that the full contents of this open letter are shared with the human subjects of these trials in the USA.

Bridget Mugambe

Policy Advocate

Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA)

Iowa trial of GMO bananas is delayed

A controversial plan to have Iowa State University students eat genetically modified bananas has been delayed, apparently because of issues in shipping the fruit.

The bananas, created by an Australian scientist, contain a gene that is supposed to help people living in Africa produce vitamin A. Proponents say the gene came from a different type of banana and is completely safe to eat. But opponents contend the trial could expose volunteers to unknown dangers.


Alcohol, vitamin A, and β-carotene: adverse interactions, including hepatotoxicity and carcinogenicity1,2,3

A supplementation has been advocated. It is, however, complicated by the intrinsic hepatotoxicity of retinol, which is potentiated by concomitant alcohol consumption. By contrast, β-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, was considered innocuous until recently, when it was found to also interact with ethanol, which interferes with its conversion to retinol. Furthermore, the combination of β-carotene with ethanol results in hepatotoxicity. Moreover, in smokers who also consume alcohol, β-carotene supplementation promotes pulmonary cancer and, possibly, cardiovascular complications. Experimentally, β-carotene toxicity was exacerbated when administered as part of beadlets. Thus ethanol, while promoting a deficiency of vitamin A also enhances its toxicity as well as that of β-carotene. This narrowing of the therapeutic window for retinol and β-carotene must be taken into account when formulating treatments aimed at correcting vitamin A deficiency, especially in drinking populations.


Examples of unethical trials

SOMO briefing paper on ethics in clinical trials

This briefing paper provides an overview of known examples of unethical clinical trials. It was prepared by SOMO, in collaboration with Wemos, and is based on secondary sources. Although the focus is on developing countries, it also includes a few cases from the US and Europe.
By providing such an overview, the paper aims to illustrate problems in the ethical conduct of clinical trials. It does not provide an analysis of clinical trials in general or of the scale of ethical violations. Indeed, the scale of the problem is unknown, because it cannot be estimated how many unethical clinical trials escape public attention and therefore remain unnoticed.

U.S. apologizes for STD experiments in Guatemala


Inside Mama Africa’s circus school

The first in a series that meets the artists and performers in some of the world’s most unique circuses.

To kick off we head to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to meet the people behind the ground-breaking Mama Africa.

Don’t Take Your Vitamins

And there would be no protective satiety level.” Ms. Cohen was pointing out the industry’s Achilles’ heel: ingesting large quantities of vitamins is unnatural, the opposite of what manufacturers were promoting.

A little more than a month later, Mr. Proxmire’s bill passed by a vote of 81 to 10. In 1976, it became law. Decades later, Peter Barton Hutt, chief counsel to the F.D.A., wrote that “it was the most humiliating defeat” in the agency’s history.

As a result, consumers don’t know that taking megavitamins could increase their risk of cancer and heart disease and shorten their lives; they don’t know that they have been suffering too much of a good thing for too long.
Paul A. Offit is the chief of the infectious diseases division of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the author of the forthcoming book “Do You Believe in Magic?: The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine.”


 Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is investing in companies that could be causing ailments in the very people it helps to treat in the developing world, according to an investigation by the Los Angeles Times.

Bill Gates Drinks Poop Water, Poor Africans Eager To Share

Senegalese can’t wait to take Gates on his offer of drinking his poop water, after all, what an honour it must be for poor Africans to share a drink with the richest man on planet! By the end of this year, this dream is going to turn into a reality for those city dwellers of CAPE VERDE PENINSULA.

“I watched the piles of feces go up the conveyer belt and drop into a large bin. They made their way through the machine, getting boiled and treated. A few minutes later I took a long taste of the end result: a glass of delicious drinking water.”

Yup, you got it right: Bill Gates drank feces water.   —said Susan Scutti

_59747529_aquifiers_africa_464mapThis is a typical example of someone who has too much money trying to solve poor people’s problems the wrong way and no African leader is saying hell NO, we can do better!

Case in point: This project is headed for Dakar Senegal this year to solve water shortage.

Note: 1. Dakar’s geographical location – a PENINSULA.
2: Entire Senegal has the highest Aquifier productivity of more than 20 liters per sec.

The only prototype is located just north of Seattle, but there are plans for a pilot project in Dakar, Senegal, later in 2015. From there, they hope to expand, the reporter said.

I wonder how many Ugandans would prefer Bill Gates poop water to our boiled fresh lhell-noake waters!

“If you ask the average American whether they would drink water from cow manure, they’d say no.”

Why Won’t the #WhiteSaviourComplex Go Away?


Richest 1% of the world’s population will own more than the other 99% put together

Oxfam's executive director Winnie Byanyima

Oxfam’s executive director Winnie Byanyima

A research paper published today by Oxfam, with data from Credit Suisse, shows that the richest 1% have seen their share of global wealth rise from 44% in 2009 to 48% in 2014.

At that rate, it will be more than 50% in 2016. Members of this global elite had an average wealth of $2.7million (£1.78million) per adult in 2014.

Of the remaining 52% of global wealth, almost all (46%) is owned by the rest of the richest fifth of the world’s population.

The other 80% share just 5.5% and had an average wealth of $3,851 (£2,543) per adult – that is 1/700th of the average wealth of the 1%.Wealth: Having it all and wanting more

Ms Byanyima said: ‘Do we really want to live in a world where the one per cent own more than the rest of us combined? -By KHALEDA RAHMAN FOR MAILONLINE


 “Bananas are to Ugandans what potatoes are to Americans or rice is to East Asian countries,” Dale said.

So how are the GMO Potatoes doing in America?

GMO Potatoes Have Arrived. But Will Anyone Buy Them?

GM potatoesBut even before they’ve gone on sale, some of the very biggest potato buyers seem to be backing away from them.

Frito-Lay, the biggest potato chip maker, and McDonald’s have both issued statements saying that they are not planning to use the Simplot potatoes in their products. An executive at another potato chip company told The Salt that his company does not plan to use those potatoes. He didn’t even want to be quoted on the subject for fear that someone would mistakenly get the opposite impression.

“When you ask consumers if they’re comfortable with this technology, they are not,” – by Dan Charles is NPR’s food and agriculture correspondent.

 MLK ” Last Speech” 1968

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’ve Been to the Mountaintop

Delivered 3 April 1968, Mason Temple (Church of God in Christ Headquarters), Memphis, Tennessee


Woman plans to marry her father after two years of dating

An teenage revealed in an interview that she plans to marry her father and have children after dating for two years.

The unnamed 18-year-old revealed in New York Magazine the relationship with her father when she was young and how she fell in love with him.

In the interview, the girl also says the two plan on having children.

After the wedding, the woman says they plan to move to New Jersey where adult incest is legal. - by


ban-on-civil-asset-forfeitureHolder limits seized-asset sharing process that split billions with local, state police

By Robert O’Harrow Jr., Sari Horwitz and Steven Rich January 16 at 2:15 PM

Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Friday barred local and state police from using federal law to seize cash, cars and other property without warrants or criminal charges.

Holder’s action represents the most sweeping check on police power to confiscate personal property since the seizures began three decades ago as part of the war on drugs.

Since 2008, thousands of local and state police agencies have made more than 55,000 seizures of cash and property worth $3 billion under a civil asset forfeiture program at the Justice Department called Equitable Sharing.

The new policy could become one of the more notable pieces of Holder’s legacy. Holder has already announced he is leaving the department, and it is clear that he is taking steps to burnish his place in history. On Thursday, he pushed in a speech for better tracking of police use-of-force incidents.


What has president Obama done for African Americans?

On this day of January 15th, Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, I struck up a conversation with a lady I had just met which started Obamawith Dr. King’s work that is rarely talked about, but soon led to another topic involving the first African American president, Mr. Barack Obama. What has president Obama done for African Americans?, I asked.

This lady explained to me what president Obama has done for African Americans convincingly.

She was very articulate in elaborating life time changing policies that he has passed which will be realized by the generations to come. Among many, she talked of how “Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act” helps women especiaThe houselly more so with African women, but the greatest of all the policies that Obama passed that will benefit African Africans, she said, was going to the heart of disenfranchisement inherent in the system and tackling head-on what some have termed as Correctional Keynesianism.

Many are already thankful for his Drug policy overhaul. If in doubt of how bad things are, ask Michelle Alexander, or check out the ‘The House I Live In’

As future African American generations reap the benefits of his work, his legacy will never be forgotten, said the brilliant lady. In addition to those achievements, if I may add, is Obama health care reform that eliminates pre-existing conditions starting 2014. African Americans are still suffering disproportionately with the problems of this country’s broken health care system, says Cord Jefferson.

Considering the above, some are convinced that despite what the media may say, president Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest leaders US ever had, especially for African Americans.

I invite you to contribute to this discussion of What president Obama has done for African Americans.

I should mention that this lady makes it categorically clear that she is not a Tavis Smiley’s fan and has joined those who have vowed never to buy or read anything that has Smiley’s name on it.

Thanks stranger for your wisdom and passion for the president.

Rosa Whitaker: Poverty to Prosperity in Africa | CTU Presents

While we support the continent with aid, she says business is what will really improve their quality of life


Gates-funded PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative

Right now, the researchers rely on mosquitoes to inject the weakened parasites into people. But wrangling mosquitoes on a large scale would not be practical.

The alternative is to mass produce parasites and formulate them into an injection. It’s been done on a small scale, but since the parasites can only complete their life cycle inside mosquitoes, it requires large colonies of the insects and painstaking extraction of the parasites.

GCommunity-health workers in Uganda are trained by PATH to use the  Sayana Press injectable contraceptive, shown here. ates Foundation to help bring $1 birth-control shot to poor nations

A simple injection system, developed by Seattle-based PATH, may eventually allow women in the world’s poorest countries to dose themselves at home.

Seattle Times science reporter

As part of its $1 billion effort to make contraceptives more accessible to women in the developing world, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is joining with a pharmaceutical company and other aid groups to produce and distribute a simpler version of an old drug.


Judge Rules That Haitians Can’t Sue the UN for Giving Them Cholera

Cholera Victim

The ongoing epidemic, which also spread to nearby countries, has left at least 8,646 people dead and hundreds of thousands infected in Haiti alone. It’s estimated that over six percent of the Haitian population has now had the disease.

The outbreak has been linked to a group of UN peacekeepers from Nepal, who brought the deadly strain of cholera to Haiti when they dumped raw sewage near a major river, according to a 2011 report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some spent years trying to find compensation for the peacekeepers’ damages, but a judge has just ruled that Haitians killed or sickened by the epidemic cannot sue the United Nations in a US court because the UN has legal immunity that only it can waive. -By Brittany Greenquist


BBC correspondent blames President Jonathan for West ignoring attacks on Nigeria.

In response to why international community had not shown the same spirit and resolve about Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria as it had done after the attacks in France, BBC correspondent said- “Nigeria’s politicians appear more focused on next month’s elections and President Goodluck Jonathan has not commented on the recent violence.

West ‘ignoring’ Nigerian attacks

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau

© AP Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau

The Catholic Archbishop of Jos, in central Nigeria, has accused the West of ignoring the threat of the militant Islamist group, Boko Haram.

Ignatius Kaigama said the world had to show more determination to halt the group’s advance in Nigeria.

He said the international community had to show the same spirit and resolve it had done after the attacks in France.


Archbishop Kaigama said facing down Boko Haram required international support and unity of the type that had been shown after last week’s militant attacks in France.

“We need that spirit to be spread around,” he said. “Not just when it [an attack] happens in Europe, but when it happens in Nigeria, in Niger, in Cameroon.- BBC article Excerpts


Off-duty cop accidentally shoots himself in front of his wife

Thanks to 25 years of law enforcement experience with the Erlanger Police Department, Jouett shoots himself in front of his wife as he fumbles with gun in an elevator after a dinner date. (Honey, look you don’t have to worry, here is our protection. Then ka-boom!)

A North Carolina woman accidentally shot her husband in the chest after he tried to surprise her with breakfast, according to authorities.


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A North Carolina woman accidentally shot her husband in the chest after he tried to surprise her with breakfast, according to authorities.

WTVD reported that 27-year-old Tiffany Segule shot and injured 28-year-old Fort Bragg soldier Zia Segule at their home Friday morning in Fayetteville. -POSTED  BY JOE BORLIK

Watching ‘Selma’ with 103-year-old matriarch of the movement

By Moni Basu, CNN
Updated 11:28 PM ET, Fri January 9, 2015

Amelia Boynton Robinson, 103, chats with activist Faya Rose Toure before a special screening of "Selma" at Boynton Robinson's home in Tuskegee, Alabama.
Amelia Boynton Robinson, 103, chats with activist Faya Rose Toure before a special screening of “Selma” at Boynton Robinson’s home in Tuskegee, Alabama.

Tuskegee, Alabama (CNN)She was left for dead at the foot of Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge after the county sheriff declared: “Let the buzzards eat them.”

A photograph immortalized the moment — a black, middle-aged woman beaten unconscious by white state troopers in a 1965 civil rights march that became known as Bloody Sunday.

Now, on this day in December, 103-year-old Amelia Boynton Robinson is hosting a private screening of a new movie in which her role as a civil rights matriarch immortalizes her again. – Excerpts from Moni Basu’s article -CNN


Accused of Stealing a Backpack, High School Student Jailed for Nearly Three Years Without Trial

We look at the incredible story of how a 16-year-old high school sophomore from the Bronx ended up spending nearly three years locked up at the Rikers jail in New York City after he says he was falsely accused of stealing a backpack. Kalief Browder never pleaded guilty and was never convicted. Browder maintained his innocence and requested a trial, but was only offered plea deals while the trial was repeatedly delayed. Near the end of his time in jail, the judge offered to sentence him to time served if he entered a guilty plea, and warned him he could face 15 years in prison if he was convicted. But Browder still refused to accept the deal, and was only released when the case was dismissed.

Before the Law:

A boy was accused of taking a backpack. The courts took the next three years of his life.


Kalief Browder spent more than a thousand days confined on Rikers Island. CREDIT PHOTOGRAPH BY ZACH GROSS
by Zach Gross

“I didn’t rob anybody,” Browder replied. “You can check my pockets.”

The officers searched him and his friend but found nothing. As Browder recalls, one of the officers walked back to his car, where the alleged victim was, and returned with a new story: the man said that they had robbed him not that night but two weeks earlier.

The police handcuffed the teens and pressed them into the back of a squad car. “What am I being charged for?” Browder asked. “I didn’t do anything!” He remembers an officer telling them, “We’re just going to take you to the precinct. Most likely you can go home.” Browder whispered to his friend, “Are you sure you didn’t do anything?” His friend insisted that he hadn’t.

An index card in the court file explains:

June 23, 2011: People not ready, request 1 week.
August 24, 2011: People not ready, request 1 day.
November 4, 2011: People not ready, prosecutor on trial, request 2 weeks.
December 2, 2011: Prosecutor on trial, request January 3rd.

-Annie Dookan, a former Massachusetts crime lab chemist, is accused of falsifying evidence in as many as 34,000 cases.

 This Farmer Massively Outperforms GMOs Organically

US criticises govt’s plan to export medical doctors

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs early this year said the government of Trinidad and Tobago had requested Uganda to supply medical professionals to supplement its health sector. The ministry says the move would also “accelerate existing bilateral relations between the two countries.”
The ministry in July produced a shortlist of 215 specialists that are set to be interviewed and sent out. A closer analysis shows majority of the doctors are from government hospitals and health centres; 93 from Mulago and only a handful from private practice.
The Health minister in charge of General Duties, Dr Elioda Tumwesigye, told Daily Monitor that the matter is being addressed.
On the US ambassador’s concern, Dr Tumwesigye said: “Medical staff trained by the US and other partners are usually grounded in positions where they cannot easily go.”

THE contradiction
Trinidad and Tobago, a country of only 1.3 million people, has 12 times as many doctors per capita than Uganda. It is ranked in the 67th position of countries with best health systems, according to World Health Organisation (WHO). Uganda on the other hand is in the 149th position. WHO recommends a ratio of one doctor per 1,000 people.  – Verbatim excerpt from

-A lesson for Humans – Watch ‘hero’ monkey revive fallen monkey 

-Where Africa is headed:

In African nations deaths from NCDs are projected to exceed the combined deaths of communicable and nutritional diseases and maternal and perinatal deaths as the most common causes of death by 2030. -Fact sheet WHO.


The Speech That Could Make Elizabeth Warren the Next President of the United States

Mr. President, I’m back on the floor to talk about a dangerous provision that was slipped into a must-pass spending bill at the last minute to benefit Wall Street. This provision would repeal a rule called, and I’m quoting the title of the rule, “PROHIBITION AGAINST FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BAILOUTS OF SWAPS ENTITIES.”

Enough is enough

Elizabeth WarrenEnough is enough.

Enough is enough with Wall Street insiders getting key position after key position and the kind of cronyism that we have seen in the executive branch.

Enough is enough with Citigroup passing 11th hour deregulatory provisions that nobody takes ownership over but everybody will come to regret. Enough is enough

Washington already works really well for the billionaires and the big corporations and the lawyers and the lobbyists.

But what about the families who lost their homes or their jobs or their retirement savings the last time Citigroup bet big on derivatives and lost? What about the families who are living paycheck to paycheck and saw their tax dollars go to bail out Citi just 6 years ago?

We were sent here to fight for those families. It is time, it is past time, for Washington to start working for them!

So let me say this to anyone who is listening at Citi[group]. I agree with you Dodd-Frank isn’t perfect. It should have broken you into pieces!

excerpts from Miles Mogulescu’s article

Dear Elizabeth Warren:

Please Run for President

The game is rigged, and the rich and powerful have lobbyists and lawyers and plenty of friends in Congress. We can whine about it, we can whimper about it, or we can fight back. I’m fighting back!

Hey! I just signed a petition asking Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Will you take a second to sign it too?

We really do need our best candidates to run if we’re going to win the race for president in 2016. Getting Senator Warren to run is our best chance to get a truly progressive president, and to put support for working families and the middle class at the top of the Democratic agenda. I hope you’ll join me in saying #RunWarrenRun!

 Dick Cheney: I’d Do It Again in a MinuteDick

BadThrowing a tantrum over a bag of nuts

A 40-year-old daughter misbehaves, father apologizes and says – “I failed to raise her properly.”

Solution: Hand her to Dick Cheney for a MINUTE!



 The Western Aid Lobby Is Partly to Blame

The record of Western aid to Africa is one of abysmal failure. More than $500 billion in foreign aid – the equivalent of four Marshall Aid Plans – was pumped into Africa between 1960 and 1997. Instead of increasing development, aid has created dependence.

The budgets of Ghana and Uganda, for example, are more than 50 percent aid dependent. Said President Aboulaye Wade of Senegal: “I’ve never seen a country develop itself through aid or credit. Countries that have developed — in Europe, America, Japan, Asian countries like Taiwan, Korea and Singapore — have all believed in free markets.

There is no mystery there. Africa took the wrong road after independence.  – By Thompson Ayodele, Franklin Cudjoe, Temba A. Nolutshungu & Charles K. Sunwabe

 Rep. Hank Johnson: Ben Carson Supporters Are Ignorant ‘Lynch Mob’

 * An Egyptian bus driver told – “Congratulations, you’re pregnant,” the BBC reported.

  Bank Whistleblower Alayne Fleischmann & Matt Taibbi on How JPMorgan Chase Helped Wreck the Economy


Read an excerpt of “The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap,” by Matt Taibbi, who joined us to discuss his new book that “lays bare one of the greatest challenges we face in contemporary American life: surviving a system that devours the lives of the poor, turns a blind eye to the destructive crimes of the wealthy, and implicates us all.” -( Amy Goodman & Juan González)

Paul M. Barrett talked about his book, Law of the Jungle: The $19 Billion Legal Battle Over Oil in the Rain Forest and the Lawyer Who’d Stop at Nothing to Win.

He spoke in the C-SPAN 2/BookTV tent at the 2014 Texas Book Festival. The festival was held from October 25-26 at the State Capitol and surrounding grounds in Austin.

Law of the Jungle

The $19 Billion Legal Battle Over Oil in the Rain Forest and the Lawyer Who’d Stop at Nothing to Win




It’s time Africa started listening to our young people, instead of always telling them what to do.

Mo Ibrahim
Mo Ibrahim

It is their potential, after all, which will decide our continent’s future. Let’s not waste it. “Africa must ask itself why our continent appears so frightened of giving the younger generation a chance.”Mo Ibrahim African leaders prize unclaimed againThe $5m (£3.2m) prize is supposed to be awarded each year to an elected leader who governed well, raised living standards and then left office.This is the fourth time in five years there has been no winner.Nigerian soldier says army that would face Boko Haram is ill-equipped, underpaidPublished May 19, 2014

“They give us just AK47s to go into the bush to fight Boko Haram,” the soldier said. “Our equipment doesn’t work and they give us just two magazines to go into the bush.” Two magazines contain approximately 60 bullets. The soldier said that many in the Nigerian army have also been discontented by delays in receiving their salaries, sometimes waiting weeks or months to be paid.“We feel so bad because we … are trying, the soldiers are trying our best,” the soldier told Sky, “but the civilians don’t realize what the Nigerian army is issued with, what they are given to go and fight the Boko Haram.”Goodluck Jonathan gives out customised 24ct Gold iPhones:customised-24ct gold i-phonecustomised-24ct gold i-phonePresident Goodluck Jonathan’s first Child, Faith married her boo, Godswill Osim Edward today in at the Abuja Ecumenical Centre.The ceremony was broadcast live on NTA, where many state governors and other dignitaries were in attendance.Guests at the wedding received customised i-phones ( Each cost £3995.00 or over US $6,620.00 per i-phone,- Goldstriker) designed by Actress Tonto Dikeh’s.The phones were packed in white packs with a golden ‘thank you’ for coming note’

A 4-year-old Syrian refugee who was discovered alone in the middle of the desert

For How Long?

For How Long?


Then and Now!

Aug. 24th.2013 March on DC @ 50
March on DC @50
Pros and cons of foreign direct investment

Why Uganda Parliament Should wait to pass a GMO Bill
Ugandan Priest Suspended for Suggesting Catholic Priests to Marry
Investment or Land Grab Disguised?
Policy Considerations

-GM debate forum records


-GM debate

-The Anglican Church at cross-roads

-The divided land



-At Crossroads
-(Rerun; it's time of the year) Vitamin D deficiency 
-Open letter to ASARECA Board of Directors
-Do you recite the Lord’s prayer, if so, which version?
-Gold at last, once again!
-Do you know Dengue Fever?
-Putting Fun into Sportsmanship (Usain Bolt gets the Last Laugh)
-Boarding Schools
-Austerity bites Britain
-To nature or nurture your child
-Sadistic Examiners
-What a 'first' love!
-Malaria and poverty

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