South African court orders political commentator and puppet Chester Missing to put a sock in it

South African comedian Conrad Koch with his puppet 'Chester Missing.' The ventriloquist says he will challenge a gag order against his puppet (Photo: Schalk van Zuydam/Associated Press)

South African comedian Conrad Koch with his puppet ‘Chester Missing.’ The ventriloquist says he will challenge a gag order against his puppet (Photo: Schalk van Zuydam/Associated Press)

Hofmeyr is an Afrikaner, and earlier this month he sent out a tweet accusing the African National Congress of victimizing whites. Last month, he tweeted that blacks were the architects of apartheid.

Chester Missing and Conrad Koch have joined a campaign urging Mr. Hofmeyr’s sponsors to drop him. Mr. Hofmeyr has responded by taking them to court under South Africa’s hate speech laws. Now the singer has convinced a judge to bar both puppet and puppet master from saying anything, in any way, directly or indirectly about him. – (extracts from CBC as it happens)



* An Egyptian bus driver told – “Congratulations, you’re pregnant,” the BBC reported.

Ugandan ‘revenge porn’ victim Desire could be arrested

In Uganda, naked photos of the musician Desire Luzinda have gone viral on social media networks, and have been published in newspapers.

Now she is in hiding as the country’s minister for ethics has called for her arrest.

The BBC’s Catherine Byaruhanga reports from Kampala.


Company Car

Company Car

 Why Democrats lost 2014 mid-term elections on Nov. 4th, 2014, is best explained the day before elections:


Democrats Who Abandoned Obama Will Lose Posted: 11/03/2014 1:54 pm EST Updated: 11/03/2014 1:59 pm EST

ObamaThe polls for Tuesday look grim for weak-kneed and squeamish Democrats who have not stood up for Obama — or the substantial achievements of his party — over the last six years.

First rule of warfare: you should never allow your enemy to define the playing field or debate agenda, and this is what Democratic cowardism has done.

Democrats became their own worst enemies and created a self-fulfilling and self-defeating prophecy.

The Republican playbook has been obvious from the beginning:

We are living in an unsafe world, terrible things are going on, and Obama is responsible.

There is truth to this, and most Americans have felt an underlying pessimism — a feeling of doom and gloom — for at least a couple of decades, a feeling that the American Empire, our American supremacy, our way of life, is slowly, but inexorably, fading away.

An overwhelming number of Americans endorse the theme that “Everything Sucks.” Seventy percent believe that we are headed in the wrong direction, and 60 percent think we are in a state of decline.

Meet the Newly Empowered Right-wing Radicals

Posted: 11/05/2014 11:43 am EST -by
2014-11-05-joniernstflickrgage_skidmorecrop-thumbSome of the most extreme right-wing radicals got elected to Congress Tuesday. Let’s begin with Glenn Grothman, who won Wisconsin’s 6th District.
  • He calls Rick Santorum his “soul mate” and labor union activists “slobs.”
  • He wants to end not only the minimum wage but weekends and paid sick leave and called for the elimination of municipal water disinfection, calling it “big government.”
  • He opposes abortion for any reason and wants to make it a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion even to save the life of the mother.


 Fruit Juice Vs. Soda? Both Beverages Pack In Sugar, Health Risks

kool-aid-jammers-5fdb5bd8cf9a00dc38b4b486b18941f61853b98c-s40-c85A study published online in June in the journal Nutrition shows that on average, fruit juice has a fructose concentration of about 45.5 grams per liter, only a bit less than the average of 50 grams per liter for sodas. – by NPR


Anne Kansiime, Dubbed “Africa’s Queen of Comedy”

Anne Kansiime in BBC top 100 women

Even Foolish questions are questions. Kansiime Ann

Tom Magliozzi, Co-Host Of NPR’s Car Talk, Dead At 77.


Remembering NPR’s “Car Talk” host Tom Magliozzi

  Bank Whistleblower Alayne Fleischmann & Matt Taibbi on How JPMorgan Chase Helped Wreck the Economy


Read an excerpt of “The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap,” by Matt Taibbi, who joined us to discuss his new book that “lays bare one of the greatest challenges we face in contemporary American life: surviving a system that devours the lives of the poor, turns a blind eye to the destructive crimes of the wealthy, and implicates us all.” -( Amy Goodman & Juan González)


Video Shows Florida Police Arresting a 90-Year-Old Man for Feeding the Homeless

An officer said, ‘Drop that plate right now‘ — like I had a weapon.

“I know that I will be arrested again, and I am prepared for that,” he told Fox News. “I am my brother’s keeper, and what they are doing is just heartless.”

How private companies are profiting from homelessness in New York City. Read more here.

Follow Olivia Crellin on Twitter: @OliviaCrellin

‘Drop that plate right now’: Florida charity worker, 90, is arrested for FEEDING the homeless under new law against sharing food publicly (which presumably includes loaves and fishes)

Drop that plate - Arnold Abbott, 90, arrested for feeding the homeless

‘Drop that plate right now’ – Arnold Abbott, 90, arrested for feeding the homeless

 Florida Police Keeping You Safe from Evil People Who’d Dare to Feed the Homeless

“We are simply trying to feed people who are hungry, to criminalize that is contrary to everything that I stand for as a priest and as a person of faith”  Rev. Mark Sims, of St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church in Coral Springs said.

  One Marijuana Arrest Occurs Every 42 Seconds In U.S.: FBI Report

by Become a fan Posted: 10/29/2012 6:19 pm EDT Updated: 04/15/2014 7:59 am EDT

With just over one week before voters in Colorado, Oregon and Washington states will decide whether or not to legalize and regulate marijuana for adult use, the FBI released a startling new report revealing that police in the U.S. arrest someone for marijuana every 42 seconds.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting data, there were a total of 1.5 million drug arrests made nationwide in 2011, and out of those arrests, about 750,000 were for marijuana (just under half, 49.5 percent) — that’s one marijuana arrest every 42 seconds and one drug arrest every 21 seconds in the U.S.

Alaska Becomes Fourth State To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Alaska legalized recreational marijuana for adult use on Tuesday, becoming the fourth state in the nation to do so.

The state joined Oregon and Washington, D.C., both of which also voted Tuesday to legalize the drug for recreational use. Colorado and Washington state legalized recreational cannabis… (For tips or comments email

Marijuana Votes: Oregon And D.C. Legalize; Florida Says No To Medical

 Early results showed more than a 2-1 lead for a measure to make recreational marijuana use legal in Washington, D.C. A sign promoting the initiative is seen on a corner in the Adams Morgan neighborhood Tuesday. - photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images

Early results showed more than a 2-1 lead for a measure to make recreational marijuana use legal in Washington, D.C. A sign promoting the initiative is seen on a corner in the Adams Morgan neighborhood Tuesday. – photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images

GA Man Suffers Armed Raid After Cops Confuse Okra for Pot

Okra is a plant with edible seed pods that are often an ingredient in many southern staple dishes, including gumbo.

When Misguided Cops Turn The War On Weed Into A War On Growing Things

Giant ragweed (seen in the file photo above) is not marijuana.

Giant ragweed (seen in the file photo above) is not marijuana.

If law enforcement officials around the country are going to continue cracking down on marijuana grow operations, especially in heavily armed, unannounced raids, maybe they should consider hiring a botanist or two. – By

Monsanto Inspired? Police Destroy Farm Mistake Tomato Plants for Marijuana

Police Destroy Farm Mistake Tomato Plants for Marijuana. Sounds Like Monsanto Inspired.

Obama, Holder demand transparency from cops in Ferguson

In the midst of the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation of Missouri’s Ferguson Police Department, ordered by the soon-to-be-retired Attorney General Eric Holder, on Sunday some news organizations ran headlines that suggested a new controversy came to light: That the police attempted to restrict air traffic during the days and nights of civil unrest.

The New Black Panther Party stoked up the protesters in Ferguson while the news media focused on the police officers' garb and equipment.

Courtesy of News with Views/Paul Walker

“Here in the United States of America, police should not be bullying and arresting reporters who are just doing their jobs.The local authorities [in Ferguson], including police, have a responsibility to be transparent and open.” President Barack Obama was quoted as saying during the period of unrest.

Stealing the Baby’s Milk:

Oswestry mum’s breastfeeding photo deleted by Facebook

Hundreds attend Rugeley breastfeeding demo

16 March 2014 Last updated at 17:32 GMT

More than 600 people have attended a demonstration in the centre of Rugeley, Staffordshire, in support of a woman who was labelled a “tramp” for breastfeeding her daughter in public.

Book Discussion Law of the Jungle

Paul M. Barrett talked about his book, Law of the Jungle: The $19 Billion Legal Battle Over Oil in the Rain Forest and the Lawyer Who’d Stop at Nothing to Win.

He spoke in the C-SPAN 2/BookTV tent at the 2014 Texas Book Festival. The festival was held from October 25-26 at the State Capitol and surrounding grounds in Austin.

Law of the Jungle

The $19 Billion Legal Battle Over Oil in the Rain Forest and the Lawyer Who’d Stop at Nothing to Win




Monday, October 6, 2014 By: Delphine Djiraibe, Jok Madut Jok, Arif Elsaui Omer, Franklin Oduro, Daud Osman

Two months after the White House invited 50 heads of state to Washington for the first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit on Aug. 4-6, observers on both continents are asking, “What did the summit achieve, and how will any gains made be leveraged?” USIP asked several prominent Africans who have worked with the Institute over the years for their reflections

President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Session One, U.S. Department of State on August 6, 2014 (Wikipedia)

President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Session One, U.S. Department of State on August 6, 2014 (Wikipedia)

Opinions are predictably mixed, though they lean postive.

Delphine-DjiraibeDelphine K. Djiraibe
Human Rights Lawyer
N’Djamena, Chad

For me the U.S.-Africa Leaders summit was a big storm in a little glass of water.  It has given opportunities to African head of states to be welcomed by president Obama, the leader of the world. They expected to get credit, and balance a little bit critiques of their poor record in democracy and good governance in the public opinion.In Chad it was really “un non evenement” [a non-event] as people are concerned with their daily life (access to food, to clean water, to electricity, to health care, to sanitation…). People see the participation in international summits as a waste of public funds, while the majority of people are dying of poverty.It was shocking for the Chadian population to see that a president who stayed in power for 23 years over rigged elections, and who did not hesitate to liquidate, arrest and harass opposition leaders, members of the national assembly, human rights activists and journalists, could be invited by a country known as the most democratic in the world.

7) Idriss Deby – Net Worth: $50 Million

7) Idriss Deby – Net Worth: $50 Million Country: Chad, Years in Power: 23
7) Idriss Deby – Net Worth: $50 Million

Country: Chad, Years in Power: 23Idriss Deby has been the President of Chad since 1990. His net worth is estimated to be $50 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.Population below poverty line: 80%.GNI per capita around $600Education – Schools, ‘Real of Fiction?’

In Oil-Rich Angola, Cholera Preys Upon Poorest

LUANDA, Angola, June 10 — In a nation whose multibillion-dollar oil boom should arguably make its people rich enough to drink Evian, the water that many in this capital depend on goes by a less fancy name: Bengo. -  By SHARON LaFRANIERE

1) Jose Eduardo dos Santos Angola President– Net Worth: $20 Billion
1) Jose Eduardo dos Santos Angola President– Net Worth: $20 Billion
Angolan poor kids
Mountains of rubbish near residential areas are one reason that a cholera epidemic has spread through the slums of Luanda, the Angolan capital.
Business as usual.

Business as usual.  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met Angolan President José Eduardo Dos Santos in May as part of a trip to cement 21 years of full diplomatic relations between the countries

ANGOLA EPA- Extraordinary Progress Achieved; in other words – thanks for civilizing 1% from the jungle life to the city life with extreme haves and have not, at the expense of the 99% indigenous Angolans who still live in poverty.

Angolan president, Jose Eduardo dos Santo, who has ruled Angola for 34 years, topped the list with a net worth of $20 billion. His daughter, Isabel dos Santos, has also been ranked on the Forbes Africa’s billionaires with a net worth of $3.8 billion. She’s currently Africa’s richest woman and also the world’s richest black woman. (extract from

Fighting the Poor Instead of Poverty in Angola

A quote in Louise Redvers’ piece cited above is particularly eye opening:

“I remember very clearly one very well-dressed and expensively US-educated Angolan oil worker telling me: “We can’t have these people on our streets anymore, not in the city centre next to places like Sonangol. We need to improve our image, we are a modern country, these people can’t be here like this.”

Angola is currently one of Africa’s strongest economies and is enjoying new-found wealth coming primarily from its oil industry. However, the wealth does not trickle down to the great majority of Angolans, and the country has maintained one of the worst social inequality levels in the world. (extract from Clara Onofre’s post) 

 Why Prophet T.B. Joshua Lost the Power To Raise The Dead -Dr. Damages Show 155

(introduction is in French, but the rest is in English. @13:35 T.B. Joshua raises the dead )

Propaganda, prophecy and prosperity

Con artists thriving within African Churches at the expense of the poor needy souls. Criminals getting away with murder in the name of Jesus! It’s high time African governments stepped in and did their duty of protecting the citizens from these greedy criminal elements across Africa!

  Mufti Shaban Mubajje denied US visa

Nephew Tommy Church Folk Gotta Laugh Too: We Want To Get Married-The Cussing Pastor

It’s time Africa started listening to our young people, instead of always telling them what to do.

Mo Ibrahim

Mo Ibrahim

It is their potential, after all, which will decide our continent’s future. Let’s not waste it. “Africa must ask itself why our continent appears so frightened of giving the younger generation a chance.”

Mo Ibrahim African leaders prize unclaimed again

The $5m (£3.2m) prize is supposed to be awarded each year to an elected leader who governed well, raised living standards and then left office.This is the fourth time in five years there has been no winner.

Nigerian soldier says army that would face Boko Haram is ill-equipped, underpaid

Published May 19, 2014

“They give us just AK47s to go into the bush to fight Boko Haram,” the soldier said. “Our equipment doesn’t work and they give us just two magazines to go into the bush.” Two magazines contain approximately 60 bullets.


The soldier said that many in the Nigerian army have also been discontented by delays in receiving their salaries, sometimes waiting weeks or months to be paid.

“We feel so bad because we … are trying, the soldiers are trying our best,” the soldier told Sky, “but the civilians don’t realize what the Nigerian army is issued with, what they are given to go and fight the Boko Haram.”

Goodluck Jonathan gives out customised 24ct Gold iPhones:

customised-24ct gold i-phone
customised-24ct gold i-phone

President Goodluck Jonathan’s first Child, Faith married her boo, Godswill Osim Edward today in at the Abuja Ecumenical Centre.

The ceremony was broadcast live on NTA, where many state governors and other dignitaries were in attendance.

Guests at the wedding received customised i-phones ( Each cost £3995.00 or over US $6,620.00 per i-phone,- Goldstriker) designed by Actress Tonto Dikeh’s.

The phones were packed in white packs with a golden ‘thank you’ for coming note’

EFF takes on Zuma in Parliament- “We Want Our Money”

Calls for accountability

Lawmakers from the radical Economic Freedom Fighters party led by Julius Malema caused a political storm on Thursday (21.08.2014), when they hurled chants at President Jacob Zuma.

South Africa’s leader was being grilled over the controversial security upgrades for his private Nkandla residence which had cost the taxpayer $24 million (18 million euros).

Julius Malema: the real leader of the opposition

by Gareth van Onselen, 25 August 2014, 05:25

Zuma laughs at Malema’s remark that he is not going to leave until he gets an answer. But it’s a nervous laugh. Malema is aggressive. He points in rhythmical fashion at the table. “We want the date of when you are paying the money”. His language is powerful and demanding.

At 41m35s, interrupted by a point of order, Malema switches up a gear. His tone becomes more adamant and he points at Zuma. “These things of points of order are the ones that you are hiding behind”. It is now Malema talking down to Zuma. It is Malema doing the lecturing. Many will say the use of “you” is disrespectful. It is irrelevant.

The power dynamic is evident. President Zuma is on the back foot. Malema is dictating the terms.At 42m30s, in his reply, the president is defensive — arms folded, hands clasped.Zuma might not have taken Malema’s question seriously but he knew he was playing with fire. And the raging inferno that erupted thereafter will only fuel that hesitancy in the future.Julius Malema is the real leader of the opposition in Parliament. Maimane has a problem: he lacks the necessary gravitas. He is, as they say, “a nice guy”. And we all know where they finish.

A Picture is worth a thousand words:

State of the Nation

State of the Nation, photos – credits to Newvision


Mzwakhe Mbuli at Madiba’s send-off at Waterkloof:

Interview: A Hormonal Seesaw: The Atrazine and AI Connection

- See more at:

nterview: A Hormonal Seesaw: The Atrazine and AI.
nterview: A Hormonal Seesaw: The Atrazine and AI

‘Our people have lost a father’

Madiba 1918-2013, May your Soul Rest in Peace. Amandla! Awethu!

Madiba 1918-2013, May your Soul Rest in Peace.
Amandla! Awethu!

For How Long?

For How Long?


Then and Now!

Aug. 24th.2013 March on DC @ 50
March on DC @50
Pros and cons of foreign direct investment

Why Uganda Parliament Should wait to pass a GMO Bill
Ugandan Priest Suspended for Suggesting Catholic Priests to Marry
Investment or Land Grab Disguised?
Policy Considerations

-GM debate forum records


-GM debate

-The Anglican Church at cross-roads

-The divided land



-At Crossroads
-(Rerun; it's time of the year) Vitamin D deficiency 
-Open letter to ASARECA Board of Directors
-Do you recite the Lord’s prayer, if so, which version?
-Gold at last, once again!
-Do you know Dengue Fever?
-Putting Fun into Sportsmanship (Usain Bolt gets the Last Laugh)
-Boarding Schools
-Austerity bites Britain
-To nature or nurture your child
-Sadistic Examiners
-What a 'first' love!
-Malaria and poverty

—————————————————————————————————— News you can use:

  • Martin Luther King and the race riot that never was

  • (It could have been me!) Transcript of Barack Obama’s remarks

  • A Fat MORE Dangerous than Trans Fat?; Nov.11th, 2011

    But what if there’s something even worse than trans fat? And it’s not some unique fat that is rare in the American Diet.  In fact, it’s often where trans fat often comes from…hydrogenated soybean oil… This time, though it’s not just the hydrogenated part we’re concerned with, however.  It’s the soybean oil itself.  And while you may not use soybean oil regularly to cook with, trust me, it permeates our food supply.

    January 27, 2013

    Why Hydrogenate?

    Americans consume more than 28 billion pounds of edible oils annually, and soybean oil accounts for about 65 percent of it. About half of it is hydrogenated, as soybean oil is too unstable otherwise to be used in food manufacturing. One of the primary reasons for hydrogenating oil is to prolong its shelf life. Raw butter, for example, is likely to go rancid far quicker than margarine.

    Durbin, University of Illinois announce $25 million federal grant to increase Africa’s food supply through soybean research

    Published November 1, 2013

    The people living in the poverty band in the lower latitudes of Africa struggle with low-productivity crops, isolation from markets, and access to low-cost sources of protein and oil,” said Goldsmith. “There has also been a research void in soy production among developing countries. We’ve already seen soy as an economic engine creating agro-industrial growth in developing countries. That’s the beauty of a highly productive commercial crop such as soybean.

    5 Foods That Could Become Illegal With FDA Move to Ban Trans Fats

    Nov. 7, 2013

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just announced its preliminary determination that partially hydrogenated oil is no longer generally recognized as safe for use in food. Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg said in a statement that further reduction would prevent more than 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 new cases of coronary heart disease each year.

    Soybean Farmers Respond to FDA Ban on Trans Fat

    The agency’s decision will significantly impact the vegetable oil market, including the soybean oil market. The agency has made a tentative determination to rescind the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status for partially hydrogenated oils (PHO), including partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (PHVO). The process of partially hydrogenating vegetable oils to make them more stable for certain baking, frying, or food applications has taken place since the 1930s, a process that results in the formation of some trans fats. Due to indications that increased consumption of trans fats may negatively affect coronary health, the FDA started requiring in 2006 that food nutrition panels identify the amount of trans fat in food products.

    Not All Trans Fats Are Equally Risky


    WebMD Health News
    Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

    March 7, 2008 — Trans fats have long been the bane of dietitians because they raise levels of artery-clogging LDL cholesterol and lower “good” HDL cholesterol levels — which increase the risk of heart disease. Yet two new studies show that not all trans fats are created equal, and natural trans fats don’t appear as harmful to cholesterol levels as artificial trans fats. Trans fats, or “trans fatty acids,” come in two forms:

    • Industrial trans fats are artificially created by manufacturers by adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils; these are called “partially hydrogenated oils.” This makes the oils more solid to give foods like cookies, pies, and french fries a rich, crispy texture.
    • Natural trans fats are found in meat (cow, sheep, goat) and dairy products. These trans fats are made naturally in the stomach of these animals.

    Most trans fats from the diet are industrial trans fat. Studies have shown that industrial trans fats contribute to heart disease by raising bad LDL cholesterol — the kind that can lead to hardening of the arteries — and by lowering good HDL cholesterol — the kind that can reduce heart disease risk.


    Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption

    The book follows the individual struggles of these three people over many years, culminating with GlaxoSmithKline finally agreeing in 2004 to settle charges of consumer fraud for $2.5 million (a tiny fraction of the more than $2.7 billion in yearly Paxil sales about that time). Antidepressant drugs approved between 1987 and 1999—Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa, Serzone, and Effexor.10 They found that on average, placebos were 80 percent as effective as the drugs. The difference between drug and placebo was so small that it was unlikely to be of any clinical significance. We are now in the midst of an apparent epidemic of bipolar disease in children (which seems to be replacing attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder as the most publicized condition in childhood), with a forty-fold increase in the diagnosis between 1994 and 2003.

    ‘Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness’

    Two Boys Suspended For Pointing Pencils Like Guns

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